4th August 2020

Points That Make YDB valves The Best Manufacturer of All Types of Valves

YDB Valves is a manufacturing company specializing in manufacturing the most excellent quality industrial valves. The company is recognized as a proven producer, exporter, and valve supplier […]
8th July 2020

What Is A Ball Valve? What Are The Types Of Ball Valves?

A ball valve is a mechanical device that directs, guides, and modulates the flow of different types of liquids through a ball opening that has an […]
8th July 2020

What Are The Features & Application Of Jacketed Ball Valves?

Valves are commonly used for several purposes. The valves are almost used everywhere to track and regulate the flow of constituents used for machine operation to […]
1st July 2020

Everything you should know about a double block and bleed valve

What is a double block and bleed valve? The double block and bleed valves are used for sealing two surfaces and this type of valves comes with two […]