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14th April 2019
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Benefits of Monoflange Valves

The Monoflange valve is mainly used to replace the multi-valve assemblies in manufacturing and production industries with single, flange-mounted manifold configurations that are sturdier, efficient, and capable of providing better control. Apart from that, one of the main reasons of using the Monoflange valves for industrial purposes is its low weight and portable design which allows users to fit the valve easily and without any hassle, even in the tightest of places in a factory or assembly unit.

That’s not all, one of the major benefits for users who opt for the Monoflange valve is that it helps to significantly reduce stress levels from vibration and loading, while leading to fewer leaks. This makes the Monoflange valve much more efficient and cost-effective as compared to other types of valves that are utilized for similar purposes.

In this way, using the Monoflange valve easily represents the true technical innovation when it comes to management of instrumentation analysis in the production of Monoflange valves for industrial use. It is also important to note here that the newer Monoflange valve differ greatly from the old system valves that mainly consisted of large block valves that were not only clumsily built, but were also heavier, which made them harder to handle.

Another reason why the older versions of the large valves were not appreciated is because they required frequent maintenance and the need to be replaced due to leaking. On the other hand, with the Monoflange valve, users do not only have a safe and secure option that is easy to install, but its sturdy design also lasts longer as compared to the older valves.

Description of the Monoflange Valve

There’s a good reason why the sturdy and versatile Monoflange valves have become the go-to choice for users who want to have a well-built valve for various industrial applications. One of the reasons for its success as an industrial component is due to its revolutionary single-piece construction. This alone makes it possible for the Monoflange valve to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure without cracking, breaking or leaking This also ensures a highly robust mounting which is essential as a measuring instrument, making it possible to mount directly to the process flange.

The manufacturers of the Monoflange valves have gone a step further in making sure that the users do not have any problems with the application of the Monoflange valves, regardless of their application. One way that they have made a high level of efficiency possible is by including the use of both graphite and metal seals. The ability of the Monoflange valves to utilize both graphite and metal seals further improves its function, ensuring that there are no leaks when used at a high temperature.

Along with the use of metal and graphite seals and a sturdy body, the Monoflange valves can also be used in combination with pressure measuring devices and diaphragm seals and also level measuring instrumentation, which makes it a highly versatile piece of equipment to have. This is also one of the major reasons why the Monoflange valves are used in critical applications such as turbine powered systems and refineries where valves that can take a high level of pressure and heat are required.

Dealing with Fugitive Emissions

Two of the main concerns of industrial applications of valves involves fugitive emissions that mainly occur during chemical applications and the applications that put the valve in direct contact with critical and harmful gases. To make sure that the Monoflange valves are able to take the extreme temperature and not break or leak when they come in contact with harmful gases and chemicals, the Monoflange valves are built using top quality materials and go through several quality checks. The various quality checks have been put in place to ensure that the Monoflange valves are able to function at optimal levels, regardless of where they are being used.

Bubble-Tight Metal Seal

Along with the metal and graphite seals that allows the Monoflange valves to operate far more efficiently even under extreme pressure, the inclusion of the leak-tested, bubble-tight metal seat gives the Monoflange valves a high level of durability that’s simply unmatched when it comes to valves that are used for extreme industrial purposes.

The bubble-tight, leak-tested metal seat is what makes the Monoflange valves ideal for use when the valve is going to come in contact with sour gases or natural gas processing. Also, the design and build quality of the Monoflange valve makes it perfectly suitable for use in nitrogen production plants as well.

Application of Monoflange Valves

  • Efficient Venting and Shut-off –One of the main reasons why users prefer to opt for the sturdy designed Monoflange valves for industrial processes is because of the highly efficient shut-off and venting of pressure measuring instruments, which leads to the accurate measurement of pressure, minimizing the chances of malfunction or leaks.
  • Versatile Design — Another reason why the use of the Monoflange valves is preferred by users in for industrial use is because of its versatile design. In other words, the highly versatile design of the Monoflange valve allows the product to be used efficiently in just about any industry from oil and gas, to the chemical and petrochemical industries, including power plants. The Monoflange valve can also be used alongside power metals to increase their durability and efficiency. Also, the flange connection of instruments thanks to the threaded connections to vessels and pipelines, means that the highly versatile Monoflange valves can be used for multiple purposes across various industries.
  • Well-built and Sturdy Design —By far, the best reason for using the Monoflange valves for industrial applications is because of the fact that it has been designed and built extremely well. This means that the Monoflange valves have been designed to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure while being used for various applications. Furthermore, due to their durability, the Monoflange valves are also preferred because of their ability to withstand the negative effects of aggressive liquids, gases and vapors. Apart from that, the Monoflange valves are also the ideal choice when it comes to using a vale in extreme and aggressive environments. Being designed with premium quality materials, and having gone through multiple quality checks, the Monoflange valves can be used in almost any environment, resulting in long-term cost-effectiveness.

From the sturdy outer shell to the super-finished machining of the internal parts, the Monoflange valves are considered to be durable, precise and long-lasting which makes them a cost-effective solution for various industrial purposes.