Our Company

YDB VALVES LLP, a pioneer manufacturing company having good experience in the designing and manufacturing of a new concept instrumentation Valves: Manifolds, Monoflanges, SBB & DBB Valves both in needle and ball types, Floating and Trunnion design Ball Valves, strictly produced in according to the most stringent quality standards of safety and efficiency.

We have a fully well-equipped modern in-house manufacturing facility using CNC lathes, VMC, etc. with highly motivated team and up to date technology assisting us to achieve reliable products at competitive price with better product flexibility, consistency and optimum service.

Our experience in the understanding of applications requirements, combined with our high flexibility, allows us to develop customized solutions designed for customers’ specific needs.

Our products are machined from the materials CF8M, SS316,SS316L, Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel, Inconel, etc.

Moreover, our valves production can be completed with complementary accessories, something that makes YDB VALVES a favourite and reliable partner for those companies that supply ‘packages’ of various matching goods. Our products are widely use in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Off-Shore,On-Shore, Power Generation, Naval industries, etc., used as components of plants and machineries with a high technological value.

Primary Isolation Valve Application

For over a decade, YDB Valves has been designing and manufacturing instrumentation valves for industrial and commercial applications. Our vast experience in the field of instrumentation valves has allowed us to provide customers with products that excel in their strength, quality and reliability.

We always place quality at the forefront of our business and that’s what has allowed us to earn the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Our team of dedicated designers and engineers work tirelessly and collaborate with one another to design new and improved instrumentation valves. Our instrumentation valves range from forged ball valves to double block and bleed valves and monoflange valves.

Raw materials for all our instrumentation valves are tested and certified to maintain safety and improve quality control. YDB Valves is committed to decrease the downtime of customers as well as the maintenance and labor costs. That’s why we ensure prompt delivery of our products, prompt communication, allow material traceability, test all valves before dispatch and design and manufacture instrumentation valves keeping the requirements of customers in mind.

All instrumentation valves designed and manufactured at YDB Valves are 100% factory tested and approved for use in industrial and commercial applications. When you buy an instrumentation valve from YDB Valves, you can be confident about the quality and reliability of the product you are buying.

Our quality control process is one of a kind in which the most stringent quality standards of safety and efficiency are followed to ensure compliance with international standards. Qualities like excellent yield strength, reliability, ductility and toughness are trademarks of our instrumentation valves that deliver longevity and performance in the most critical applications.

Our in-house manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-art equipment which allows us to manufacture high quality and reliable instrumentation valves at competitive prices.  Our instrumentation valves are used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, electronic, power generation, oil and gas and several other industries.

Our products are machined from the materials CF8M, SS316, SS316L, Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel, Inconel etc. and all the materials are tested before being used for valve manufacturing.

To meet the changing needs of the industrial sector, we consistently keep an eye on the future to ensure that we satisfy the changing needs of customers. That is why we focus on developing our Research and Development department and work to manufacture the finest products at competitive prices.

Our method of instrumentation valve design and manufacture reduces the number of potential leaks paths to ensure safe operation in the critical applications. In addition, we use the finest materials in the manufacturing process to ensure that our instrumentation valves can handle the most extreme conditions whether they are required to operate with lethal gases or handle highly corrosive liquids.

Our mission is to become the leading manufacturers of instrumentation valves in India and in order to achieve our goal we’ll continue to adhere to the highest standards of quality and provide valves that best meet the needs of customers.