Forged Flanged End Ball Valves


  • Forged Ball Valves are designed in accordance with ASME B16.5, ASME B16.34, BS 5357, ISO 17292, API 6D and API 6A.
  • Floating and Trunnion Mounted Design.
  • Two/Three piece bolted construction and manufactured in forged construction.
  • Top mounting platform compliant with ISO 5211 for easy mounting of Gear Box Actuator and other accessories.
  • Spring loaded secondary sealing seat design.
  • Anti-Blow out stem, Double sealing design.
  • Every Valve is subject to a pressure test in accordance with the standard ISO 5208, API 598 and API 6D upon request.
  • Pressure rating as per ASME B16.34 Class 150 thru Class 2500.
  • Anti- Static device is set between the stem and Ball.
  • Fire tested as per API 6FA 4th Edition.
  • Wetted components of sour gas service valves are selected as per requirements of NACE MR 01 75/ISO 15156.


Pressure Rating Class 150 to Class 2500
Temperature Rating PTFE: -65°F to 450°F ( -50°C to 232°C)
Graphite: -65°F to 842°F ( -50°C to 450°C)
Sizes Soft Seated 1/2" NPS to 8" NPS (DN 15 to DN 300)
Metal Seated 1/2" NPS to 4" NPS (DN 15 to DN 100)

Forged Flanged End Ball Valves

YDB Valves has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of precisely forged steel ball valves in India. We follow a stringent quality check for all our products to deliver flawless products to our customers. We manufacture Forged Flanged End Ball Valves that are tailored to meet a wide range of applications including critical as well as non-critical applications.


Motorized valves are the actuated valves that open or close the valves automatically through energizing the electric motor once a control signal is received.

A vented Ball valve is very different from a standard Ball valve since it has a little hole drilled into its upside. This eliminates the unnecessary pressure situated in the well by venting the pressure through the vent on the ball.

Ball valves have proven to be more effective at producing a tight seal along with offering high reliability as well as launch activity as compared to the gate valves. But ball valves are quite more expensive than gate valves.

Ball valves are very less dangerous than other valves while the plastic variety in these valves is not also susceptible to corrosion.

You can replace the packing washer if you want to repair a Ball valve. If the actual ball on the wall is rated then the wall will start leaking. Hence you must replace it.

You can first attempt to lose the walls by hand and you can use lubricant as well as a wrench. You can also try loosening it with water.

The main function of a Ball valve is to control the flow of a liquid or a gas with the help of a rotary ball.

For high-pressure applications, you must make use of a gate valve instead of a Ball valve. But when it comes to sealing a Ball valve must be preferred because it offers a tight seal and has all shut off features.