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24th June 2020
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Everything you should know about a double block and bleed valve

What is a double block and bleed valve?

The double block and bleed valves are used for sealing two surfaces and this type of valves comes with two separate seating surfaces in a closed position. It is these two surfaces in this valve which helps to control the high pressure and prevent leakage in machines by simply vending the gap between the surfaces in contact. 

The valve manufacturers say that there are many different styles in which these double block and bleed valves are available in the market. One can choose from a variety of different valves according to their purpose of use. The professionals working in these valve selling companies can help you pick the right type of valve for your machine. 

What are the applications of double block and bleed valve?

These types of valves are of high importance in gas and oil factories. But, according to valve manufacturers, this particular type of valve is also used for various other purposes. In situations where the piping which is fitted requires isolation and maintenance, the best choice is a double block and bleed valve.

  • Prevent product contamination
  • Remove equipment from service for cleaning or repair
  • Meter calibration
  • Liquid service near waterways or municipalities
  • Transmission and storage
  • Chemical injection and sampling
  • Isolate instrumentation such as pressure indicators and lever gauges
  • Primary process steam

How do these double block and bleed valves work?

These types of valves are designed in such a way that one can control the flowing of a liquid in the manifold as desired. The purpose of this double block is that it offers perfect sealing on both sides of the surface to ensure that there is no chance of leakage and both sides of the surface can endure equal pressure. 

Benefits of using double block and bleed valves

There are times when a machine has two separate liquids which if come in contact with each other can be very risky and cause great damage. Thus, in such a situation, double block and bleed valves are the best as they can properly control both the liquids from leaking and mixing with each other. This is why; they are commonly used while handling toxic waste and dangerous chemicals as well. 

If you are searching for an alternative with which you can ensure proper and safe venting of liquids from the machine which can pose a great environmental threat, then this type of valve is just best for that purpose. 

Wanting to lessen your operation and production cost? If yes, then double block and bleed valves are the solutions for you because the multivalve system installed in the valves ensures better proficiency.

If you are planning to invest in valves then we highly recommend you invest in the double block and bleed valves as they are the best option. However, it is always better and safe to purchase the same from the professionals who specialize in manufacturing the same.