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What Are the Features & Benefits of Jacketed Ball Valve?

Valves are generally used for a varied range of purposes. Right from monitoring and control of the flow of factors used for machine operation to a range of other performance monitoring and flow works, valves are almost used everywhere.

Jacketed Ball Valve

Jacketed ball valves are the valves that contain a surrounding, also known as a Jacket, around their body. This is how these valves get their name as Jacketed Valve. The jacket of these valves can be fabricated or welded right from the outer side of the body. There is a varied variety of jacketed valves being manufactured across the industry. Each of whose use depends on the level of the flow media, the pressure involved, the temperature it undergoes and the performance and operation level of the industry.

It is well known that the jacketed valves are specifically made under use for the media fluid that holds the properties of getting crystallized or seized. It must be noted that such valves shouldn’t be influenced during the additional heating and cooling procedures.

Features and Benefits

The jacketed valves are mostly available in the form of 2-way or 3-way forms along with flanged ends. Even, screwed or welded ends of the valves are also available on request.

Jacketed ball valves are designed to handle even the highest-level viscous materials that solidify at the ambient temperatures.


Most of the Jacketed ball valve comes with several benefits attached to it which makes it a popular ingredient in the various industry operation.

Few of its benefits include:

  • Fire-safe design
  • Availability of the cavity filler
  • Full bore design
  • A fabricated jacket that is welded to the valve’s body
  • Double sealing for better operation
  • Test implemented body design
  • Highly adjustable
  • Mostly comes with a maintenance-free stem sealing
  • Additional O-ring for better flexibility and adherence
  • Can be designed as per the customers’ requirements
  • Aligned with metal to the metal-based sealing system for managing high pressure and temperature conditions along with abrasive operation conditions
  • Ball valve design can be customizable as per special vessel flanges
  • Piping can be prepared as per customized request
  • Extended stem controls
  • Antistatic- Design
  • Contains scraper chamfer used for cutting the viscous product
  • Secure in operation
  • Reliable sealing during the shut-off position
  • Offers reliable sealing towards the outside portion
  • Fire-safe as tested and approved

The jacketed ball valve comes up in a series of forms that have been tested and utilized for various operations. The best reason to use these valves for control processes is that even when a fire breaks out, the valve doesn’t allow the spread of any kind of failure.