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14th April 2019

All You Need to Know About Double Block & Bleed Valves

A double block and bleed valve is an essential component in industrial processes. Its importance cannot be denied when it comes to controlling various processes that require an enhanced level of accuracy. The double block and bleed valves are also crucial for maintenance, flow diversion, and sampling during its application.

One of the reasons why the double block and bleed valve is considered to be one of the key components of industrial processes is because of its unique design. The double block and bleed valve gives you the advantages of using three valves in a single unit. According to industry standards, the double block and bleed valve is a single valve unit that features two seating surfaces that have been designed in a closed position. This provides the valve with a durable seal that can withstand tremendous pressure not just from one but both sides of the valve, as in, the bleeding/vending cavities that are present between the seating surfaces.

There are quite a few different types of double block and bleed valves which are used for industrial purposes today. All of these products are known to provide an extremely high level of sturdiness, durability, and versatility when it comes to valves which use the double isolation and bleed (DIB) configuration.

Valve Specifications

  • Temperature ratings: -65°F to 450°F (-54°C to 232°C)
  • Pressure rating: 10,000 psig (690 Bar).
  • Quarter turn positive stop handle featuring a protective sleeve.
  • Prevention from stem blowout.
  • Enhanced system safety.
  • Versatile design, micro-finished ball for better durability.
  • High strength stem bearing
  • Smooth actuation for better performance
  • Eliminates chances of galling between the body and the valve stem.
  • Bottom loaded stem
  • Anti-static design.

Double Block and Bleed Valve Types

DBB-05 Series – 9.5mm Bore

The DBB-05 Series – 9.5mm Bore is forged from premium quality materials and features a single-piece design. The 9.5mm bore double block and bleed valve boasts of a raised face flange design with process connections, along with two half-inch female NPT outlet connections as well. This double block and bleed valve isideal for use with both 9.5 and 14mm bore specifications. The raised face flange gives it better stability while the multiple outlet connections give it the versatility it needs to be used with various different bore sizes.

DBB-05 Series – 14mm Bore

The double block and bleed valve also features the 14mm bore that comes in the DBB-05 Series. This double block and bleed valve is sturdy and versatile. Its construction is enhanced with its single-unit design, which minimizes the chances of breaking when exposed to harsh environments. The single-piece forged design also features a unique RF flange connection along with a ½ inch female outlet connection (NPT) for various uses. The 14mm block and bleed valve is the ideal choice for use in harsh conditions where there are temperature changes. The solid construction of the 14mm block and bleed valve ensures that it will last a long time before it needs to be replaced. Its multiple outlet connections make it compatible with various different bore sizes.

DBB-05 Series – 19mm Bore

The 19mm double block and bleed valve is one of the leading products in the DBB-05 Series. The product has been designed keeping the strict specifications and industry best practices. One of the reasons why this valve is one of the most sought after products in the lineup is because of its sturdy build. The DBB valve has been manufactured using only the highest quality materials to ensure its durability. The double block and bleed valve has also gone through several quality checks to ensure that it can withstand a tremendous amount of pressure. Its highly versatile design makes it possible for the double block and bore valve to be used for multiple industrial applications with ease. The 19mm bore valve features a single piece design with raised face flanged connections and outlet connections that can be used for multiple bore sizes.

DBB-10 Series – Full Bore (FB)

The DBB-10 Series Full Bore (FB) is one of the stand-out products when it comes to industrial applications. This double block and bleed valve comes in a full bore size, which means it can be used in multiple industries. The unique three-piece design of the double block and bleed valve minimizes the chance of corroding of parts or breakage during use. The bolted body provides the valve with the sturdiness and durability it needs to give a high level of performance even when used in harsh environments. The full bore double block and bleed valve in the DBB-10 Series features a raised face and an RTJ flange process which improves its performance. The multiple outlet connections ensure that it can be used along with other industrial attachments.

DBB-10 Series – Reduce Bore (RB)

As part of the DBB-10 Series, the double block and bleed valve also comes with a reduce bore, which compliment the full bore design. It offers just as much versatility and durability as the full bore valve with the exception that it is used for its unmatched level of durability. Its sturdy design is backed by the unique three-piece, bolted body that offers maximum performance without having the easy wear and tear properties of other valves. The RTJ flange and raised face design of the DBB-10 Series reduced bore valve makes it the ideal choice for use in various different industries.

Ending Note

All of the products that are available in the DBB-05 and the DBB-10 Series have been ISO 9001:2015 certified. This means that the double block and bleed valves have been manufacturing using only the highest quality premium materials to ensure their safety and durability. By making sure that the design and parts go through several quality control checks, manufacturers ensure that the double block and bleed valves live up to the high-quality standards that YDB Valves has been known to provide through the years. The company has enjoyed an excellent track record of designing and manufacturing the highest quality double block and bore valves along with various other types of vales for industrial purposes. The high level of versatility and durability that the products offer makes it the go-to choice for using for se

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