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Why Buy Forged Flanged Ball Valves?

The forged flange ball valves are most commonly used for manual throttling or control applications. Due to their versatility, there are various classes of forged flange ball valves that are available in the market today. The forged flanged ball valve is ideal for various control applications that have to do with power, water, oil and chemicals. The forged flange ball valves should be designed to meet the quality requirements of ASME B16.34 in order to be used for various applications. Regardless of their application, the forged flanged ball valves also need to be fire safe, with the design permitting electrical continuity which is also another important factor to keep in mind when choosing a forged flanged ball valve.

Product Specifications:

  • Quarter turn positive stop handle with protective sleeve.
  • Micro-Finished ball for long service life.
  • Anti-static design.
  • Bottom loaded stem prevents stem blowout and enhances system safety.
  • High strength stem bearing provides smooth actuation and eliminates galling between valve stem and body.
  • Pressure rating up to 10,000 psig (690 Bar).
  • Temperature rating up to -65°F to 450°F (-54°C to 232°C)

Advantages of a Forged Flanged Ball Valve

The forged flanged ball valves offer a robust design and reliability, with excellent yield strength, ductility and toughness along with other mechanical properties that are crucial for the ball valve’s longevity and performance. Since the forged flanged ball valve is mostly used for critical applications, it needs to be designed with only the highest quality materials and under the best design practices. One of the main reasons why a forged flanged ball valve is used is because it is commonly used in critical applications, which makes it come in contact with extreme environments such as toxic gases and other highly corrosive liquids, which is why it needs to be well designed and robust.

This is also another reason why all forged flanged ball valves need to be designed according to the strict specifications that have been laid out by ASME B16.34, BS 5351, ISO 17292 and API 6D. Before purchasing a forged flanged ball valve it is important to ensure that the forged flanged ball valve has been properly tests under the API 598 and ISO 5208 guidelines.

It is important to note that the valves that are provided by YDB Valves also have fire safety features that are in accordance with the guidelines that have been laid out by API 607, API 6fA, and ISO 10497. Not only are these forged flanged ball valves designed under the latest international safety and performance standards, but they are also available in various different configurations to ensure that you find the perfect size to suit your needs. Some of the main advantages of getting a forged flanged ball valve is that:

  • The forged flanged ball valve can be opened and closed easily with a quarter turn movement.
  • The forged flanged ball valve can be tightly closed without any need of a high torque force.
  • The forged flanged ball valve features a compact design, which is the main difference between the ball valve and the gate valve.

Design Features

These valves have always been known for their superior quality and design. These unique features are also the reason why forged flanged ball valves are the go-to choice for many critical applications where the valves need to be exposed to various corrosive chemicals and extreme conditions.The following are some of the features that makes these valves stand out from the rest.

No Body Leakage

Since there is no in-line body bolting that can get loosened or get easily fatigued the body of the forged flanged ball valve can remain relatively leak free. That said, this will also mainly depend on pipeline stresses as well.

No Seat Leakage

All forged flanged ball valves have been designed and manufactured to be capable of meeting zero bubbles for up to for minutes in up to 1,000 psi nitrogen during factory testing to ensure their durability in extreme environments. These tests are also carried out to ensure the ultimate safety after field-in welding, post-weld heat treatment, and during and after process thermal excursions. The design uses a modular internal isolate that keeps it from the thermal effects.

No Stem Seal Leakage

In the forged flanged ball valve the integral gland wrench is used to concentrically load the stem packing without the need to tools. This results in lowering the chances of any stem leaks while extending packing life of the forged flanged ball valves. In fact, the valves ensure zero leakage during live loading as well.

Robust Design for Stem-Ball Engagement

The forged flanged ball valves also offer a reliable and accurate ball alignment which is achieved due to its robust engagement between the ball and the one-piece stem.

Unmatched Bearing Support

These valves also provide bearing support that’s simply unmatched. The support for the blowout-proof stem makes it possible for accurate axial alignment every time, consequently resulting in zero seat leakage even in actuated valves. What makes the valves unique is that the bearings used in its design provide much-needed support to the stem both above and below the packing which can significantly extend packing life.

Robust Outer Coating

The forged flanged ball valves also feature a highly engineered outer coating that offers superior bonding strength along with enough coating density to keep the valve safe from leaks and other defects. This feature is especially useful during the use of valves in high temperature-drop applications.

Integral Mounting Pad

Furthermore, the valves have been designed to be used with an integral mounting pad which works by facilitating error-free operations. This is highly useful for air, gear or motor operator actuation. The forged flanged ball valves not only feature a robust build, but also accurate alignment along with a fully guided stem bearing system that offers superior lockout capability.

Single-Piece Design

One of the main reasons why the forged flanged ball valves are the preferred choice in extreme environments is because of its simple design and fewer parts that have been used in its manufacturing, which significantly reduces the chances of getting damaged during application. Keeping this in mind, the stainless steel, single-piece design is what contributes to the robust and long-lasting features of the forged flanged ball valve.

Tight Packing System

The valve offers tight concentricity which eliminates the possibilities of side loading of the packaging. This also helps eliminate wear forces on the trim components. This is a crucial feature for the forged flanged ball bearing to have since it results in the superior performance of the ball valve.

Rapid Renewability

The best reason why you should get the forged flanged ball valve for extreme applications is because it is much easier to renew as compared to many other similar valves that are available in the market today. Keeping that in mind, the forged flanged ball valve offers users with a modular solution to compete with the rising expenditure of maintenance and upkeep of the parts. The high serviceable life of the forged flanged ball valves makes them the perfect choice for various applications and is also one of the reasons why the valves are considered to be much cheaper than many other similar products that are available in the market today.

The sophisticated, state of the art design and technologies that have been used in the manufacturing process of the valve is what makes it the ideal choice when it comes to choosing a ball valve for industrial applications. The valve goes through several laboratory tests and field tests during the design phase to ensure its optimal performance in several extreme environments and atmospheric pressure. The forged flanged ball valves offered at YDB Valves have consistently passed all of these tests ensuring the best quality.