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Why Choose Screwed Ball Valves

A ball valve is a 90-degree turn rotary valve that comes from the family of valves that also includes the plug and cone valves. The screwed ball valves are used for controlling the flow of most types of liquids and gases in industrial processes. What sets the screwed ball valves apart from the rest is that they are able to function efficiently at varying temperatures and pressure levels, including harsh environments.

The screwed ball valve is a popular option in industrial and manufacturing processes where there’s a need for an efficient, dependable and long-lasting valve to control the flow of liquids and gases. This makes the screwed ball valves a key component in many industrial and manufacturing applications. The following are some of the features and advantages of the screwed ball valve.

Screwed ball valves have been manufactured using premium grade materials which makes them highly reliable and durable. These valves go through a precision engineering process that enables it to suit a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications and endure stresses brought by extreme pressure and temperature.

Screwed Ball Valve Design

The screwed ball valves mainly consist of a spherical obturator that also features a cylindrical opening, which is normally the exact diameter of the pipe. That being said, it is possible to get screwed ball valves that have a smaller cylindrical opening. One of the main features of the screwed ball valve is its simplistic and easy-to-use design.

Operating the screwed ball valve is relatively easy and involves rotating or making a ¼ turn using the mounted shaft. The turn is made horizontally with the axis at right angles of the cylindrical hole. Another major design feature of the screwed ball valve design is its seal which provides a tight seal with a drop tight shut off for emergencies.

While the screwed ball valves come in many different sizes and designs, the small variation of the screwed ball valves are the most commonly used valves in various industrial applications. This is also one of the reasons why manufacturers of the screwed ball valves design them in multiple size options, making it easier for those who need the screwed ball valve to find one that’s the ideal size for a particular task.

Screwed ball valves feature a one-piece design with a top entry that also comes in two and three-piece bodies. This minimalist approach to the design process of the screwed ball valves ensures that there’s minimal chance of the valve cracking, breaking or getting damaged while in use. The top-entry design of the body ensures that there’s easy access to the ball. This also makes the screwed ball valve easier to maintain as compared to other types of industrial valves. In this way, maintenance of the screwed ball valve is carried out without having to remove the valve from its place.

A Cost-Effective Option

In many industrial processes where valves play a key role, using screwed ball valves have become an efficient and cost-effective option. This is mainly because of the fact that the screwed ball valves are an affordable alternative to using other types of valves that offer the same function. The screwed ball valves use a metal ball that has a hole in the middle and is sandwiched between two seats in order to control the flow of liquid or gases.

The screwed ball valves have proven to be especially useful for hydrocarbon processing applications since the ball valves have been specially designed to throttle vapors and gases. Apart from that, the screwed ball valves have also been found to be useful for industrial applications that involve low-flow of liquid and gases.

The screwed ball valves have become the go-to choice for various industrial applications mainly because of its superior design and tight closure, especially when it comes to securing hard-to-hold liquids and gases that are used in industrial applications. Unlike other valves, the screwed ball valve does not use a handwheel to control the flow of the liquid or gas but rather, a wrench-style control.

What makes it more efficient is that a simple 90-degree turn of the wrench can either open or close the valve completely. This means that the screwed ball valve can be either opened or closed quickly and without any hassle whenever needed. The special design of the screwed ball valve means that it offers non-stick operation, so there’s no chance of the wrench jamming up mid-way while either opening or closing the valve. 

Design Features of the Screwed Ball Valve

When it comes to using high-grade valves for various industrial processes there’s a reason why the screwed ball valve ends up becoming the preferred choice. The following are some of the major advantages that the screwed ball valve offers the user:

Zero Body Leakage

The body or bonnet joint of the screwed ball valve needs to be sturdy enough to support an immense amount of pressure and temperatures from extreme hot to cold. What makes the screwed ball valve different from other types of valves is that it does not erode with pipeline stresses since its design does not include an in-line body bolting that either fatigues or loosens in other valves where they are present. This means that the body of the screwed ball valve ensures a leakage-free operation.

Zero Possibility of Seat Leakage

Another area where other valves normally fail is the in-line body bolting which erodes and loosens with time. With the screwed ball valve, there is no in-line body bolting that can give way to pipeline stresses during operation.

Zero Stem Seal Leakage

Thanks to the use of advanced technology and manufacturing processes, the stem packing in the screwed ball valves can be loaded without the need for any manual tools. This alone helps eliminates the chances of any leakage in the stem of the screwed ball valve. Furthermore, the one-piece design and high-quality materials that are used in the screwed ball valve ensures the packing life is extended.

Unmatched Stem-Ball Engagement

The main reason why it is extremely important to purchase your screwed ball valves from a reputable company is that only the accurate alignment of the ball is able to ensure proper engagement between it and the one-piece stem.

All these features, coupled with the superior build quality and highly engineered design ensures that the screwed ball valves are the best choice for any industrial application.